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Indiana strip club list

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You say "'private social club' can mean anything".

Strip club list

This "Ravenite Social Club" that you keep returning to just stretches your credibility. Chris Cunningham user:thumperward - talk9 September UTC Support We're dealing with subjective perceptions cultural baggage about subjective terms "gentlemen" that may also be complicated by people being from different parts of the US, different generations and different social strata.

It means a "private" not open to the public "social" intended to engender social intercourse "club" business entity. And pulling country clubs, fraternities and sororities into it seems to me to be a diversion tactic. No one is going to actually believe that a mobster meetinghouse formerly located in a space now serving as a shoe store in the run-down "Little Italy" district would be listed here just because of its name -- not only due to its lack of notability, but also because it doesn't fit the definition since it was never a social club.

As I've pointed out, a simple Google search reveals the prevailing and precise opinion: that a "gentlemen's vlub is "a nightclub for men to see naked women", and that of the top hits, only one hit reflects your opinion this very WP entry. The present article title is not accurate.

I have never heard even old-timers refer to the clubs as "gentlemen's clubs". I don't want to be critical of this list, but I feel that its defenders should seek to make it better, not keep it the same.

Indiana strip clubs

Without a doubt. As a matter of historical perspective, it does appear that there is a trend over the past years, for this type of club in the US to cease being active. After all, that name is traditional, it has an "accepted meaning" and it's at least marginally descriptive. The K of C is even more definitively not a "private social club" as they are an exclusively Catholic service club whose motto is "In Lits to One, In Service to All".

You wrote "all traditional gentlemen's clubs are private social clubs, but not all private social clubs are traditional gentlemen's clubs. We will never charge for the use of Strip Club List, posting comments or reviews. What would prevent the Ravenite Social Club from being placed on your list? Let me guess: they're all wrong, and you're right.

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Binksternet talk14 September UTC That only qualifies as a solution if you choose to canvass every private social club in the US on this list, and ask them if they consider themselves to indiaa a gentlemen's club or a private social club. A Yahoo search yields a similar result; the first relevant hit is at 43, with 41 strip clubs coming first. This is a list of gentlemen's clubsa type or subset of private social club, within the meaning of that term as defined in the article "gentlemen's club," which are located in the US.

No consensus to move. What accuracy could possibly be provided by listing them as "Gentlemen's Clubs" of either definition?

I just looked in the SF Yellow s under "gentlemen's clubs". That makes little sense to me.

Indiana strip club reviews - top strip clubs in indiana

Best of all, your profile is completely free of charge! It's rather like insisting upon calling male airline attendants "stewardesses" simply because of tradition. These clearly show Americans' perception of the term.

GeorgeLouis talk10 September UTC Strongly oppose I suppose that it may be a indaina of class and age that determines whether "gentlemen's club" means a gentlemen's club or a public club where nude or nearly-nude women serve drinks or perform which are definitely not clubs for gentlemen. Occam's Shaver talk11 September UTC Occam, if that's your qualm, you should be advocating removing those clubs from this list or simply remove them yourselfnot changing the name of the list to something imprecise and overinclusive.

There is already a separate WP entry for sporting clubs. There is already some discussion on the article Talk.

Welcome to the strip club list wall

Indianapolis Strip Clubs By Location Note: There are no all-nude bars in Indiana except Evansvilleinfact the strippers are supposed to wear pasties. After all, if I advocate for their removal, wouldn't I be just as much at variance with your perception of accuracy as you accuse me of already being?

If you find this addition an error, Kindly undo the changes and update the inappropriate if needed. Are women-only clubs indkana "gentlemen's clubs", as you claim, or should I advocate for their removal because they're not?

Indiana strip club list - best strip clubs indiana

Nobody answered the phone when AL. For male dancers, try The Unicorn downtown at W. That moratorium ends at 5 p. I would hate to think so.

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Down the street from the 'Club Zeus'. Just as "gentlemen's club" means something quite different in the US from what it means in the UK. Occam's Shaver talk14 September UTC This article was created because originally these clubs were being listed on the article gentlemen's club under the subheading "United States.

Even Wikipedia's entry for gentlemen's club states "In the United States the term gentlemen's club is frequently used as a euphemism for strpi clubs, a trend also increasingly common in the United Kingdom, with clb such as Stringfellows and Spearmint Rhino using the term in this way. More Indy Bars:. The other nine all refer to nightclubs where women take their clothes off.

I can pretty much promise you that every women's-only club on this list would object to being categorized as a gentlemen's anything we do all communicate with each other, syrip I'll be happy to spread the word. That the term "gentlemen's club" isn't widely used in the US is of no consequence. Active Facebook s are posting photos and memes promoting their premature return. So, my vote is for renaming this list "Private Social Clubs" and ensuring that all listed here conform to such a definition.

And again: I never disputed that "plenty of socializing goes on at country clubs".

Occam's Lisf talk10 September UTC This seems to me a bit like advocating for changing the name of the WP entry for "automobiles" to "horseless carriages". Your claim that "private social club" would have to include the Rotary Club or the Knights of Columbus is nonsense; neither fit srrip definition. So, since the term "gentlemen's club" in the US is clearly, demonstrably and overwhelmingly taken to mean one thing -- a place for men to ogle naked women -- the onus is upon you to explain why the WP entry listing private social clubs in the US should instead use a term that is not only contrary to that prevailing American usage, but understood only in the British sense, cpub even then, only by a tiny minority of Americans.